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Renting An Apartment In Vancouver

Vancouver is a major city in Western Canada. It has the highest population density in the whole of Canada.

It is the third-largest metropolitan city in Canada. Its residents are a mix of English and French. 

Known for its cold climate, and high fall of snow during winters, Vancouver has become one of the highest immigrant cities for young adults. Apartments for rent in Vancouver do not come by easily, so you have to be patient in your hunt.

Choosing Vancouver and life in Vancouver are among the things this article entails.

Why choose rentals in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a filming location, mostly used by film producers for epic views. It is surrounded by mountains and has a great viewing experience. It's a good place to relax after retirement or settling down with your family.

Houses for rent in Vancouver can be hard to find sometimes, most especially in populated locations, but you could still find some that fit your style and budget after a diligent hunt.

Houses For Rent In Vancouver

As you know, getting an apartment for rent in Vancouver will be your priority when relocating or traveling to this city. So, you want to make sure you get all the necessary information about houses in this city before you move there.

The estimated cost of a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Vancouver is $1800, that's why it's an expensive city to live in. In North America, Vancouver is among the most expensive cities to live in and 93rd on planet Earth.

This information shows that houses for rent in Vancouver are expensive, and you need to research properly and plan if you want to move to Vancouver.

Low Budget Apartments

Apartments for rent in Vancouver will come easily for you if you're going there alone.

You can get them for as low as $1000 and above in good locations.

Condos for rent in Vancouver can also be preferable if you're going with your family. They can be gotten for or within the range of $1800. But do well to research, and find the best ones that suit you perfectly.

High Budget Apartments 

If you're planning on owning a house, it's quite easy in Vancouver. In Vancouver, you can get a house for $800,000, although with some added taxes depending on the area you choose to stay.

Downtown Vancouver also offers you lush apartments that will beat your expectations. Should you carry out adequate research, you can get an apartment that you'll fall in love with.

Condos for rent in Vancouver are advisable for high-budget individuals, because the structures, standards, and amenities are built to offer you the class and lifestyle you desire. 

Living in Vancouver

Vancouver is a highly anticipated city to move into, here are some things to expect when moving into this city;


The government of the city provides services in both English and French for its citizens, exposing immigrants to learning a new language.

Language diversity is what you'd face when looking for houses for rent in Vancouver. So if you love learning new languages, and do not want to forget the old ones, Vancouver will be an ideal place to move to.

The mountains, The Oceans, And The Beaches

Vancouver is surrounded by mountains, no wonder it's a regular filming location. The beaches and the oceans will give you memories you'd never forget.

If you're an artist, a writer, a researcher, or any regular worker, Vancouver will help you relax and ease your day's tension and stress.

Cultural Diversity 

Rentals in Vancouver can afford you the chance to experience cultural diversity due to how diverse the people are. 

Getting along with people here is also very easy as they are usually friendly and welcoming to visitors and new settlers alike. 


The City is ranked number two in Canada's safest cities, and number four in Northern American. The security of the city cannot be questioned, as can your safety.

Minor crimes occur in less densely populated areas, but individual caution is very important. Nevertheless, rentals in Vancouver are safe for you.

These and others are what you should expect from this Urban developed city.

Center Of Attractions In Vancouver 

Some places to explore when you move to Vancouver includes:

Transportation in Vancouver 

Public transportation in Vancouver is inexpensive, reliable, and also effective. 

Transport systems include buses, the SeaBus ferry, and the SkyTrain, which are all friendly and convenient.


Houses for rent in Vancouver might not be the cheapest out there but the quality, comfort, and style can never be questioned. 

Being one of the highest numbers of immigrant cities in Canada, 

Vancouver's lifestyle might be expensive, but still has a place for you.

Find out more about rentals in Vancouver!

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The monthly rent for a rental property in Vancouver is between CAD310.00. and CAD20,000.00. The average rent per m2 is CAD10,155.00.

There are 761 vacant rental properties in Vancouver on the housing list. You can also search our entire catalog with a total of rental properties throughout Canada.

Vancouver is a very pleasant place, where you can find both comfort and dynamic life. There is always something to do, something to see, something to have fun and relax in this city.

Yes of course. If you have everything in order with the relevant documents, such as a visa, you can rent housing in Vancouver in the same way as residents.