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Renting An Apartment In Surrey

Moving to a new city can be a tough task, it can sometimes wear you down. How to get a roof over your head is also a major challenge, and that is why you have to plan your journey before embarking on it.

In this article, we'll look at moving to Surrey, and how to find rentals in Surrey.

Surrey, Canada 

Surrey is the second most populated city in British Columbia, Canada. The city is located in the Northern part of the Province and is not far from the United States border. 

The city is among the fastest-growing cities in the country, and also a business city. For over a decade now, Surrey has managed to become one of the highest cities accepting immigrants in Canada, and one that is highly recommended by people residing there.

Like many other cities in Canada, you need to plan your journey before arriving at the city. Getting an apartment for rent in Surrey is quite easy if you work smart. You can find the best rentals in Surrey by researching available houses and contacting someone in the city.

How To Find An Apartment For Rent In Surrey

Finding apartments for rent in Surrey requires smart work. Gone are the days when you sweat to get everything you want. No. The advancement of technology has transformed our world drastically.

With the aid of technology, you can find houses for rent in Surrey as easily as you can get. Some sites help you find apartments in Surrey that match the style you want. They include rent jungle, pad mapper, zumper, rent, craigslist, and many others. 

You can also find a house for rent in Surrey from local agents and listings around the environment. Once you find a house, the price is the next stage. Sit tight, relax, and let's look at the categories of houses for rent in Surrey and their prices.

Apartments In Surrey

Surrey houses are built in apartments; there are one, two, three, four, and even five-bedroom apartments in the city. Although the prices of apartments for rent in Surrey have gone up by 15 percent this year, the city still offers affordable apartments for residents and immigrants.

The average price of a one-bedroom apartment is $1600, $2000 for a two-bedroom, and $3450 for a four-bedroom apartment. You can find good apartments in good locations like Cloverdale Town, and also Downtown.

Condos In Surrey

If condos are your thing, then you need to diligently look for condos for rent in Surrey. This is because there aren't too many of them built in the city. So be sure to grab anyone you can get.

With not so many condos available in the city, the average price of condos for rent in Surrey is $1900. There are some of these condos that might be very expensive, and others that are cheap. 

What To Expect Living In Surrey

Moving to Surrey means you're moving to a new experience, something you're not quite used to. Let's see some of the things to expect, so you can prepare for life in the city.

Recreation Center

One of the things you should know about Surrey before moving there is that the city is the "city of parks". There are over 600 parks in the city where you can relax, fix a date, and spend time with friends and loved ones.

There are also festivals and events held in the city. For example, "party for the planet" is an annual event party for the entire city and even those outside the city. It's one event you wouldn't want to miss. 

Infrastructural Development 

Surrey is one city that has been on an upward trend in terms of infrastructural development which has made it to be one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. 

New buildings, bridges, and roads are continually being constructed to meet the current modern demands of a city. 

The city is very flexible and open to change very often. So, be prepared to adapt to change, to enjoy your stay in the city.

Places To Visit In Surrey

Surrey is a city for so many outdoor activities and funfairs. Here are a few places you can't afford to miss.

Transportation In Surrey

Rentals in Surrey have a good neighbourhood structure. The roads in the city are connected and free of traffic thanks to flyovers, bridges, and the width of roads.

The public transit of the city is the public buses. There are over 1200 of these buses all over the city, so you shouldn't have a problem moving around the city.

The Bottom Line

Moving to Surrey is a great step for you, and should you follow the guidelines of this article, you will not have any problem getting a house for rent in Surrey. Take that bold step today and live your dreams.

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The monthly rent for a rental property in Surrey is between CAD1,550.00. and CAD5,000.00. The average rent per m2 is CAD3,275.00.

There are 59 vacant rental properties in Surrey on the housing list. You can also search our entire catalog with a total of rental properties throughout Canada.

Surrey is a very pleasant place, where you can find both comfort and dynamic life. There is always something to do, something to see, something to have fun and relax in this city.

Yes of course. If you have everything in order with the relevant documents, such as a visa, you can rent housing in Surrey in the same way as residents.