What Is A Bachelor Apartment: Everything You Need To Know

Latest update: June 08, 2022

If you’re on the market for a new apartment, you may be wondering what kind of apartment is the best choice for you. If you’re looking for smaller units nestled in town for the first time, you may have come across bachelor apartments. But, what is a bachelor apartment? It’s important to know about the different types of apartments before choosing one that’s right for you. Here's what you can expect on a Bachelor rentals.

What Is A Bachelor Apartment?

A bachelor apartment is one that combines the kitchen, living, bedroom and sleeping areas all within one large room, with a separate bathroom. A bachelor apartment will often have a kitchenette, which is smaller than a regular kitchen and has smaller appliances. Bachelor apartments are most commonly occupied by just one person, as they have less square footage than one or two-bedroom apartments. 

Bachelor Apartment Vs. Studio Apartment

A bachelor apartment is similar to a studio apartment, but there are a few key features that set the two apart. A studio apartment often has a separate kitchen and/or dining room from the living room and bedroom area. Studios are often larger and have more square footage than bachelor apartments, typically around 500 to 600 square feet, while bachelor apartments sit at 200 to 400 square feet.

Renting studio properties also typically have walk-in closets, which bachelor apartments don’t have. A bachelor apartment will often have a kitchenette, which is smaller than a regular kitchen and has smaller appliances, while a studio apartment will have a kitchen.

If you’re looking for an apartment similar to a bachelor apartment but with extra space, a studio apartment is a good alternative.

Bachelor Apartment Vs. One-Bedroom Apartment

One-bedroom apartments are more popular for those who want an even larger living space, and want to have a private bedroom. In a 1 bedroom apartment, the kitchen and living room are often separated, and there is a separate bedroom and bathroom. One-bedroom apartments have more space than bachelor apartments and are a great option for people who like to entertain and have guests over. 

Pros of Bachelor Apartments

There are many benefits that come from living in a bachelor apartment. Here is a breakdown of the pros of living in a bachelor apartment.

  • Cost-effective: Bachelor apartments are typically priced lower than other apartments and are a great choice for those who are on a budget or are looking to save money. Your monthly rent payments will typically be less expensive than those of other apartment styles.

  • Location: Bachelor apartments are usually located in the heart of a city which is convenient for those who want to live in or close to downtown.

  • Low maintenance: With bachelor apartments being smaller in size than other apartments, they are much easier to clean and require a lot less maintenance. You also don’t need as much furniture to fill the apartment which will also save you money.

Cons of Bachelor Apartments

If you’re looking to live in a bachelor apartment, it’s important to know about the downsides that come with living in a bachelor apartment.

  • Small space: There is no denying that bachelor apartments are small. This can make storing a difficult task. It can also mean having to buy a smaller bed and have less furniture.

Occupancy: Bachelor apartments are ideal for a single person, but if you have pets or are planning to live with someone, it can become much too small and limiting of a space. Some bachelor apartments may even have occupancy limits which is why it’s important to check the lease agreement.

In conclusion

Bachelor apartments can be a great living space for renters who prefer living in an open-concept, smaller apartment that’s in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for your new home and this sounds like you, a bachelor apartment may be the right choice for you.

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