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Renting An Apartment In Montreal

Montreal is the largest, and most populated city in the Province of Canada's Quebec. It's the second-most populous city in the whole of Canada, and as such rentals in Montreal can be quite a headache.

With the city set on an Island, it has become one of the world's leading destinations for vacations, dates, honeymoons, and new experiences.

Why chose Montreal, and rentals in Montreal is what we shall be dealing with in this article.

A little about Montreal

Set in the Province of Quebec, on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, this Urban city is a go for your Winter or Summer holidays. 

With the Rialto Theatre, Botanical Gardens, La Ronde, and many other amazing treats in this city, it is one of the best places to move to as you begin a new journey for the year 2022.

Though highly populated, houses for rent in Montreal should come in handy if you do your homework well.

Why move into a rental in Montreal?

With new developments in the City, and its increasing number of immigrants, apartments for rent in Montreal have become expensive and sometimes difficult to find, most especially when one's budget is low.

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Montreal is $1600, no wonder it's the third most expensive city in Canada, the 31st in North America, and 129th in the world. 

Rentals in Montreal might be expensive, but here's how to get the one that might just suit your budget.

For low budget rental apartments in Montreal 

Bachelor's rooms are a good option if you're moving to Montreal alone.

You can get them for as low as $500 in certain areas.

If you're moving as a family, Condos for rent in Montreal will be your option. You can get them for a bargain price of $1400. But do well to do your research, to find the one that suits you perfectly.

For High-end budget rental apartments in Montreal 

If you're thinking and planning big, a house for rent in Montreal should be your target. In Montreal, you can own a house for as low as $530,000. 

In places like downtown, you can even get some that are cheaper than that, if you search carefully for a house for rent in Montreal.

What to expect living in Montreal 

Condos for rent in Montreal are a good option for a first-timer. They help you meet a whole lot of people. 


My first pick of what to expect in moving to Montreal is you'll get the opportunity to learn a language, that's if you're not yet familiar with this language.

It will surprise you to know that despite Montreal being in an English-speaking country, its official language is French.

So if you love learning new languages, and do not want to forget the old ones, Montreal is the place for you.


After scouting for apartments for rent in Montreal, you might want to seek out how your meals will be gotten and this is very easy to come by. 

Having the highest number of restaurants in a city in the whole of Canada, and second to New York City in the world, there's a whole lot of options for you. 

Should you want to cook yourself, there are many varieties with which you could prepare your meal, the way you want it.


The only challenge is rentals in Montreal. Once you get that settled, the fun will follow. The recreation center and amazing shows held in different places around the city makes your experience in the city glamorous.

There is a festival titled just for a laugh which is organized every summer. So getting an apartment for rent in Montreal is like relocating to a fun-filled environment. 

It's the biggest comedy festival in the world. From within and outside the city, comedians and audiences come together to entertain themselves with humor.


If you're young, your nights are about to get exciting as never before. The frenzy nightlife of Montreal makes it stand out.

Often compared to Paris, romantic dates are held at night. The atmospheric feeling of the night and its beauty helps to elevate one's mood.


Montreal ranks the number one safest city in Canada. When moving there, you should have this at the back of your mind; that your safety is assured. 

These are some of the things you should expect and also prepare for when moving to Montreal.

Places you must visit in Montreal 

Some of the notable places to visit in Montreal include

Transportation in Montreal 

Getting your way around Montreal is easy with Montreal Metro, or buses. Public transport is also a good one, considering there isn't too much traffic after all.

Public transport is free for children aged 5 or below when accompanied by an adult. 

Final Thoughts 

Houses for rent in Montreal might not come easily but will sure do if you research properly. If you just secured a job in Montreal or are simply planning to start a home in Montreal, feel free to do so as it's going to be worth all your stress. 

Are you looking for one-bedroom, two, or three-bedroom b or houses for rent in Montreal? You can get your choice easily. 

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The monthly rent for a rental property in Montreal is between CAD600.00. and CAD7,500.00. The average rent per m2 is CAD4,050.00.

There are 861 vacant rental properties in Montreal on the housing list. You can also search our entire catalog with a total of rental properties throughout Canada.

Montreal is a very pleasant place, where you can find both comfort and dynamic life. There is always something to do, something to see, something to have fun and relax in this city.

Yes of course. If you have everything in order with the relevant documents, such as a visa, you can rent housing in Montreal in the same way as residents.