Pros and Cons of Renting Furnished Apartments

Latest update: June 08, 2022

If you’re in search of an apartment rental, you may be considering a furnished apartment. Furnished apartments for rent can be a convenient option that makes moving, quick, easy and much less stressful. But, how do you know if renting a furnished apartment is the right choice for you? Here are the pros and the cons to consider before renting a furnished apartment.

What is a Furnished Apartment Rental and What Are It’s Benefits?

A furnished apartment is one that includes the furniture with the rental. It will typically have all of the living necessities one needs including a couch, stove, basic cookware, bed, fridge, etc. This means that you won't have to do any furnishing when moving in. Some furnished rentals can be much more all-inclusive and have everything you need including a sofa, bed, appliances, plates, cutlery, and even artwork decorating the home.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of renting a furnished apartment:

Simple Moving Process

With a furnished rental, all you need to bring are your personal belongings. The rest of the apartment is ready to go and everything is in place. This goes for houses as well. You won’t have to hire a moving truck, do any heavy lifting or bring your own furniture during the process of moving. Whether you’re moving into a furnished suite, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment in a building, you won’t have to arrange any furniture which will save you time, stress and labor.

Save Money

By renting an apartment that’s fully furnished, you save money by not having to search for and purchase any furniture for the apartment. Furniture can be expensive, and since you don’t have to buy furniture for your house, you’ll save money by only spending on rent, utilities and amenities. You can use those savings for other products or services you need, or keep it in your savings account.

Less Commitment

When you live in a furnished rental, you’re saving yourself having to commit to a mortgage from owning property or a long-term rental. Furnished units are often short-term rentals, which gives tenants flexibility, convenience and freedom to travel, leave the country or simply move on your terms. Students and tenants who enjoy travel benefit from the freedom of this property type.

Cons of Renting a Furnished Apartment

While there are many pros to renting a fully furnished apartment, there are a few downsides that come with this type of rental.

Higher Costs

Landlords typically charge more for units with furnishings than the average rent cost. This means that while you save on buying furnishings, you may be spending more on your monthly rent for the furniture. Some landlords may even require a higher security deposit for these rentals as well. This can make finding affordable housing difficult depending on the location and neighbourhood, especially if you’re living downtown in the city. It’s important to consider what your price budget is for rent and amenities before deciding to move in.


Although this type of unit comes with furniture, you are responsible for taking care of the furniture and making sure it doesn’t get damaged. If the furniture gets damaged, you may be required to pay for the additional costs. These costs can add up with the higher monthly rent rate. With an unfurnished apartment, you own your furniture and don’t have to worry about any additional fees for damages.

Less Available Listings

There aren’t always many available apartments with furnishings for rent on the market, which means that you will have less apartments to choose from. You’ll want to look at big apartment buildings for potential suites. It can take searching to find the right living space for you. For those who don’t want to spend too much time looking through unit listings, unfurnished properties may be a better option. 

Low-Quality Furniture

To save money, a landlord may spend significantly less on furnishings for the rental. The furnishings can be low-quality, outdated or simply not suit your style and comfort. Landlords or property management may provide damaged, or unusable pieces they find that can’t be used properly. They may also not maintain the furniture, leaving it dirty or stained. It’s important to look over the furniture and check if the appliances work before signing a lease agreement.

Furnished apartments have many benefits to them, but they also come with their share of disadvantages. If you don’t have much furniture in your current home and want a short term rental, renting a space that’s furnished can be a good idea for a new home. Before you make the choice, make sure to weigh your options to see which apartment type is best for you. There are a lot of real estate agency or real estate websites to find some good properties in Canada.

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