How To Fill Out A Rental Application Form

Latest update: June 08, 2022

After searching for apartments and attending numerous viewings, you’ve finally found the perfect apartment to rent. But, what’s next? The next step is to fill out a rental application form. This form is an important document between you and your landlord that will bring you closer to securing your dream apartment. Here is everything you need to know about filling out a rental application form. 

Here's how:

1. Fill Out Your Information

First, you’ll be asked to provide the basics which is your contact information and the date. This will include your name, address, email address, a phone number and other additional information. In some cases, you may be required to list an emergency contact – a family member or friend who can be called. Make sure that all of your applicant information is up to date.

2. Provide Proof of Identity

In most cases, you will have to provide a copy of your driver’s licence to prove your identity. If you’re filling out a digital rental application, you’ll be able to attach the copy of the driver’s licence to the application, or send it in an email along with the application. If you’re filling out the rental application form in person, you may be asked permission to obtain a copy of your driver’s licence. The landlord may ask to perform a background check to access your previous criminal history.

3. Disclose Your Employment Information

A property owner will want to make sure that you’re a stable employee and can make your rent on time. You will be asked for the contact information and work addresses of your current and former employers so your landlord can access and verify your income information. Potential landlords can ask for background checks to determine whether or not you are a responsible, reliable person.

4. Prove You Can Afford Monthly Rent Payments

The next step in the rental application process is to provide copies of your tax return, pay stubs, or your social insurance number. This is so the landlord can perform a credit check on your bank account and verify your credit score. Most prospective tenants will have to do credit checks to provide their credit scores when applying for rental units to show they can afford the cost of housing. Most landlords will also ask for recent bank statements to ensure that you can afford living expenses, have a stable income and pay rent.You may simply be asked what financial institution you use, an estimation of the funds in your account, your income and other debts you have and to provide information for your bank. A landlord can ask a potential tenant to provide a security deposit, as well as for payment of a renting application fee. 

5. Show You’re A Good Tenant With References

Most of the time, property owners want to know what kind of tenant you are and how well you’ll take care of their home. This will often come from a reference from previous landlords or property managers. You’ll be asked to provide a reference letter from your previous landlord and attach it to your rental application form, along with their contact information. You can also provide personal references with your application. They will call your previous landlord or property manager to verify your rental history and that you were a good tenant. 

6. Legal Information For The Rental Property

After you have a completed application for the rental unit, you may be asked to fill out a legal information and the date. This part of the application includes what the landlord or business can do with the information applicants provide, once the lease agreement is signed. In some cases, you will be asked for a co-signer for the lease. Potential tenants could be asked to give permission to gain credit reports and call references. It’ll also state that any information found to be false or incomplete will be grounds for rejection of your application.

Filling out rental applications can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. Finding housing is easier when you understand how a rental application works. Now that you know all of the steps to filling out a rental application form, you’re one step closer to securing your dream apartment to rent.

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