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Renting An Apartment In London, Ontario

London is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The City is close to the US borders, North of Lake Erie. London, Ontario is the 11th largest city in Canada, and one of the fastest-growing ones too, making renting an apartment in London very attractive.

This article will discuss how to get a house for rent in London, including the lifestyle of this city.

London, Ontario 

Situated in one of Canada's largest Provinces, London has one of the highest numbers of immigrants in Canada. The City is easy to get into either by air, land, or sea. 

The weather is relatively cold all year, but warm and cloudy during summers, and snowy in winter. London is a friendly city to live in and also getting houses for rent in London is also quite a fun experience.

Houses for rent in London

Rentals in London are relatively high depending on your income. For example, a meal at a restaurant in London costs C$17 in the least expensive areas, but in other parts, might be C$19. Apartments for rent in London are no different. Your pocket will determine the kind of houses for rent in London you can afford.

Let's look at two different budget categories:

Small Budget Apartments 

Rentals in London, at least in the Eastern part of the city,  you can find a one-bedroom apartment for rent in London for a minimum of $1200 monthly. This, however, depends on how diligent your search is. In cheap areas also, condos for rent in London can come for $1000, or sometimes if you pay in large amounts, you can curb your cost. Rentals in London are based on location like every other city.  Downtown and Eastern London are relatively cheap areas in the city where you can get a cheaper house for rent in London.

Big Budget Apartments

Just the way you can get low budget apartments, the same way you can also get big Budget apartments for rent in London. Known for its high class, London has a whole lot of quality apartments. In popular locations, you can get a one-bedroom apartment for a minimum of C$1600. There are condos for rent in London in expensive areas ranging from $1500 to $2000. Whatever your taste might be, a proper and adequate search will only be the way to get your dream house.

Living In An Apartment For Rent In London


First on our list is the name "London". As you might also have this mistake, only a few know about London, Ontario. So you might have to deal with the confusion of telling people you're in London, Canada, and not London, UK.

Despite being founded in the early 1800s, London is still not widely known by most people living around the world..and oftentimes, when you tell people you're living there, they often mistake it with the UK's. 

Exotic Lifestyle

London is known for its high-quality lifestyle. All you need is to search diligently for a house for rent in London, and you're in for a good time. 

From amazing parks to beautiful facilities and views, London has one of the best environments to move in when you get to Canada.

The quality feeling you get from the environment, and the culture of the people there make London one of the best cities to stay in Canada.

Health care

London is the regional headquarter for healthcare in Canada. The City has the highest health facility for a city. Thus, making it a very safe city health-wise.

With the emergence of the coronavirus, healthcare has been a major challenge in the world. The growing health concern cannot be overemphasised. 

But in London, there is no cause for alarm. Your health is in safe hands.

Moving Around London

If you own a car, moving around London is easy for you. There is no traffic to beat, except during rush hours in specific places.

If you don't have a car, public transport is the best for you. There are terminal buses around the city, and they're affordable and effective.

Places To Visit In London, Ontario

Condos for rent in London and houses for rent in London are not pushed over. They take patience most especially if you have a taste you'd like to maintain. 

Choosing London is a great decision to make, and you could settle in there faster. There are also great establishments in the city, so financially, you can get your feet steady if you stay focused.